Lonely Planet Kids Titles

Incredible Cabinets of Wonders ($21.99, 9781787011045, Oct. 1, 2017). From giant squids and dinosaur bones, to treasure chests and space rockets, Lonely Planet reveals 100 strange and extraordinary objects from inside the world's great museums.

Dinosaur Atlas ($18.99, 9781786577191, Oct. 1, 2017). An interactive and illustrated journey through lost prehistoric lands and the dinosaurs that roamed them--packed with awesome facts, pull-outs and life-size fossils.

The Animal Book ($19.99, 9781786574343, Sept. 1, 2017). This illustrated encyclopedia celebrates over 100 of the world's most fascinating creatures and explores the amazing, diverse ways we share the planet.

How Animals Build ($18.99, 9781786576637, Sept. 1, 2017). From spider webs and rabbit warrens, to bird nests and ant colonies, Lonely Planet peeks into the world of animal architects and discovers the secrets to their incredible structures

City Trails: Washington, D.C. ($12.99, 9781786579621, Oct. 1, 2017). With colorful themed trails featuring astonishing secrets and stories, kids can explore the capital like never before--all from the comfort of their own sofa. Meet Henry the Giant Elephant, eat oyster sandwiches, view the Grand Canyon on a ceiling and more!

City Trails: Tokyo ($12.99, 9781786577269, Oct. 1, 2017). Colorful themed trails show kids where to find Pokemon food, meet a giant robot, see a toilet ghost and discover more amazing facts and cool stories about Japan's biggest city--all from the comfort of their own sofa.

City Trails: Sydney ($12.99, 9781786579669, Oct. 1, 2017). Themed trails get readers under the skin to discover amazing facts and intriguing tales that aren't on tourist routes.  Feed fish and chips to a pelican, meet a blue-tongued resident, encounter some little devils and lots more.

City Trails: Rome ($12.99, 9781786579645, Oct. 1, 2017). Colorful trails show kids where to see Rome's belly button, read a poem to chocolate, snack on witch sweets and discover more amazing facts and cool stories about Italy's most famous city.

The Earth Book ($19.99, 9781787012783, Nov. 1, 2017). Planet Earth. Four elements. One incredible story. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through history, geography, science and more. Take an amazing journey into the planet's past and discover how four elements--earth, fire, air, and water--created the world and everything that exists today.

Around the World in 50 Ways ($15.99, 9781786577566, Feb. 1, 2018). Set off from London and travel across the globe--then try to make your way back again! Choose your route and all manner of transportation, from bicycles and sleds, to steamboats and hot air balloons. Visit well-known cities and exotic, far-flung places along the way and learn facts about each destination to create a fun-filled voyage of discovery. Make your decisions wisely, because not every path will take you to where you want to go!

Sticker World: Zoo ($6.99, 9781787011397, Feb. 1, 2018). Part doodle book, part sticker book, this interactive title enables kids to create the zoo of their dreams. By becoming a planner, architect and builder, they can add stickers and drawings to each page to gradually bring their zoo to life. Create a watery wonderland for penguins to enjoy, choose what items are sold in the gift shop, design the zoo's logo and more.

Sticker World: Theme Park ($6.99, 9781787011373, Feb. 1, 2018). This Sticker World entry lets kids create their dream theme park with stickers and drawings. Design a death-defying roller coaster, choose what sweet treats are sold and create a fun mascot.

Sticker World: Museum ($6.99, 9781787011359, Feb. 1, 2018). This Sticker World title lets kids craft the museum of their dreams. Use stickers and drawings to create an amazing entrance, design your cafe and the food it sells, draw an exhibition poster and fill the picture frames with art.

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