JJ Smith: Five Tips for Weight Loss

Dieting is the premier New Year's resolution; gym memberships rise, along with hope. Often this is a prelude to failure. But JJ Smith (10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse)--author, nutritionist and certified weight-loss expert--has some advice for everyone who wants to slim down (and not fail).

The new year is a great time to get a fresh start and re-commit to weight loss goals. However, we say we want to lose weight, but not how much or how--we just have a general goal of "losing weight." So I have some very specific tips that will ensure success if you truly want to lose weight.

Don't drink your calories: reduce sugary juices and sodas and focus on drinking more water or green tea, which helps boost your metabolism and your energy levels. Green tea is simply awesome for weight loss.

Avoid stress and drama: get some rest and relaxation. You may even need to "detox" from family and friends who cause unnecessary stress and drama in your life. People who belittle you and make you feel unworthy should get very little of your time.

Let fast food be good food: you're going to be busy and may find yourself at a fast food restaurant. But get the healthier options, such as oatmeal for breakfast or salads for lunch/dinner. Weight loss happens one meal at a time.

Go green: eat lots of green leafy veggies for rapid weight loss. You can even drink them: In my new book, Green Smoothies for Life (Atria, $19.99), I share many delicious recipes that will help you reduce cravings, lose weight, cleanse your body and energize you!

Get your mind right: you have to fill your mind with KNOWLEDGE about losing weight. You have to educate yourself on how to help your body lose weight so you go into the new year fully equipped to shed pounds and get healthy once and for all!

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