Out of the Wreckage: A New Politics in an Age of Crisis

The problem with current left-wing politics and politicians, according to British author and Guardian columnist George Monbiot (How Did We Get into This Mess?) is in part due to the failure of their worldviews, or what he calls "stories." An inspiring, easily understood political story may overwhelm any factual argument. It can be defeated only by a new, more appealing one. Out of the Wreckage is his ambitious attempt to construct such a story.

"Our challenge is to produce one that is faithful to the facts, faithful to our values, and faithful to the narrative patterns to which we respond." Monbiot writes that the two most successful stories of the 20th century were those of the social democrats and neoliberals. Both, though, have failed, he says, and need to be replaced. He describes the historical rise of these approaches, and the problems they have confronted in more recent years. The values of individualism and extreme competition have been found lacking. We need to expand government services, build inclusive community life, restore respect for each other and the planet, and revive democracy and our confidence in institutions. He analyzes the 2016 U.S. Democratic presidential campaigns (he is a Bernie Sanders fan), and provides a concise four-page summary of ideas that reads like a draft of a party platform. This is a clear, broadly informed and well-presented contribution to the discussion of where our societies need to go next, and how we can make them work for all of us, together. --Sara Catterall

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