The Goblins of Bellwater

Deep in the forest near Washington's Puget Sound, goblins lurk in the tree canopy, ready to ensnare and enchant anyone foolish enough to follow one of their magical paths. At dusk in winter, Skye ventures into the woods and becomes cursed by the goblins, leaving her depressed and unable to speak about what happened to her. The only one who might understand is the local auto mechanic and chainsaw artist, Kit, who carries his own ancestral goblin curse. But Kit is afraid to speak up for fear of the ridicule he might receive from Skye's sister, Livy, who has cast her own type of spell on him. Entangled in magic with these three is Kit's cousin, Grady, who falls for Skye, thanks to the goblins' curse on her. Together, the foursome must defeat these ancient creatures or lose two of their own to the horrible beasts that have staked out territory among the local fae spirits.

Molly Ringle has loosely based her paranormal romance on Christina Rossetti's sensual poem "Goblin Market," and has created a vivid and enjoyable erotic romp through the world of magical beings. Human rules don't pertain to these tricksters, yet human feelings and emotions abound as Ringle's characters face some of their worst fears. Excellent descriptions of local settings, flora and fauna help place readers in the wintry world of the Pacific Northwest, where magic and love reside among the tall Douglas firs and waters of the sound. --Lee E. Cart, freelance writer and book reviewer

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