TV: 'Most Anticipated Literary Adaptations for 2017'

"It's time to re-stock your shelves, fire up the old cable (or streaming device of your choice) and settle in for another copascetic year of books on TV," Electric Literature noted in featuring its picks for "TV’s most anticipated literary adaptations for 2017."

"This year we'll see more Neil Gaiman and more smart comic book stories, but don't worry, there's going to be something for everyone: the kids, the crime fanatics, the vampire devotees, the historical fiction nuts, the book-ish liberals wondering what's become of their country, and the Ian McShane lover residing in all of us," Electric Lit wrote. "Is 2017 going to redeem the year that just passed? No, almost certainly things will get worse. But the marriage of good books and good television holds strong. High quality, thoughtful entertainment is a daily event now, and dammit, even the bookish people need their opiates."

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