Obituary: Johann Christoph Arnold

Johann Christoph Arnold, an "internationally known peacemaker and trusted advocate for children and family," as well as the author of "a dozen books, with over two million copies in print in more than 20 languages," died April 15. He was 76. Paul Winter, the elder of the Bruderhof, for which Arnold was a pastor for more than four decades, reported his death on the community's website.

In a tribute, Plough Publishing House editor Sam Hine wrote: "Christoph led Plough's publishing efforts in the 1960s, and we became his publisher in the 1990s when he turned to writing books to share wisdom and stories gleaned from decades of peacemaking around the globe and of pastoral service at Woodcrest, the Bruderhof community he called home for over half a century....

"Those of us privileged to work alongside Christoph will never forget how he challenged us to have more faith: to believe in redemption for the most depraved, hope for the most intractable conflicts, an end to every injustice. He taught us to speak plainly to the widest possible audience, using the power of stories to open hearts and minds--true stories of amazing people he knew and had befriended."

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