Curt Jarrell: Help for a Bookseller

Curt Jarrell

Curt Jarrell, who's been a bookseller extraordinaire for more than 40 years, suffered a brain bleed in July and has just been released from the hospital. He'll be on disability for six months but needs some help with household expenses.

Friends have put together a YouCaring page to help "get Curt back to being a master bookseller, avid reader, and writer!" So far, the effort has raised nearly $1,700 towards a goal of $5,000.

And for publishers, Curt himself added: "My one wish outside of having my expenses covered is that I won't run out of Fall 2017/Winter 2018 ARCs so I'll know what I'll be selling to customers in my new store."

Called "the best friend a book ever had," Curt began his career buying mass market paperbacks for an airport/gift shop in the long-defunct International Hotel near Baltimore-Washington International Airport. Then, starting in 1981, he worked at Waldenbooks, at Bibelot and most recently at the Barnes & Noble in Towson, Md., that closed in June. Once he recovers, he has a slot at the B&N in Bel Air, Md.

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