'Most Instagrammable Bookshops in the World'

Conceding that "any book lover will proudly tell you that it's what's inside the book that counts," Bustle observed: "But let's all be honest with ourselves... books are also very pretty. Books are attractive. Books are beautiful. And a good bookshop is a work of art." With that in mind, Bustle featured "11 of the most Instagrammable bookshops in the world."

"There's already something so calming about being in a bookshop," Bustle added. "Bookshops feel like a space out of time, where print media is still alive and everything smells like old paper. So when a bookshop puts a little extra effort into their design and book presentation, the result is nearly a religious experience. These book shops are some of the most inventive, unique, and just plain beautiful spots for a book nerd to visit, no filter necessary."

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