An Introduction to Make Me a World from Christopher Myers

Christopher Myers

Make Me a World is an imprint dedicated to exploring the vast possibilities of contemporary childhood. We strive to imagine a universe in which no young person is invisible, in which no kid's story is erased, in which no glass ceiling presses down on the dreams of a child. Then we publish books for that world, where kids ask hard questions and we struggle with them together, where dreams stretch from eons ago into the future and we do our best to provide road maps to where these young folks want to be. We make books where the children of today can see themselves and each other.

So why this imprint? Why these stories?

When we make books for young people, we have a special responsibility. We asked our creators to tell a story that would have inspired them when they were kids. To write what they would have needed, whatever that may be. We challenged them to create a world with new possibilities and escape into that world... so that when you come out of these books, you bring a little of that possibility with you.

I am so proud of this launch list, because the stories we are telling realize this mission. When presented with fences, with borders, with limits, with all the kinds of chains that hobble imaginations and hearts, we proudly say--no.

We will think beyond those limits; instead, Make Me a World.

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