The Dollhouse Family

The Dollhouse Family. Written by Mike Carey, art by Peter Gross, covers by Jessica Dalva ($24.99, 9781779504647, October 13).

When Alice is six, she is given a beautiful antique dollhouse. When things in her life get scary, Alice turns to her dolls and dollhouse for comfort. One day, they invite her to come play inside with them. As Alice's life is turned upside down in the "big" world, she is always welcomed home to the little world inside the dollhouse; the house will even grant her a wish if she agrees to live with them.... Follow Alice through the door of the dollhouse and into the demon's den.

Mike Carey says, "Dolls have human form, human features, but their immobile faces turn even the warmest of smiles into an unsettling rictus. And, you know, their eyes don't close. They're watching you while you sleep."

Mike Carey is a comics writer and novelist, whose big break came when, during its seven-year run, he wrote Lucifer, a spinoff from Neil Gaiman's Sandman series. During that period, Carey was nominated for four Eisner awards and won the Ninth Art and UK National Comics awards. More recently he has written Barbarella (Dynamite) and Highest House (IDW).

Carey is also the author of the Felix Castor novels, supernatural crime thrillers, and two collaborations with his wife, Linda, and their daughter, Louise: The City of Silk and Steel and The House of War and Witness. As M.R. Carey, he wrote The Girl With All the Gifts and its prequel The Boy on the Bridge. He also wrote the screenplay for the movie adaptation of The Girl With All the Gifts, for which he received a British Screenwriting Award. His latest novel, The Book of Koli, is the start of a post-apocalyptic trilogy; the remaining books will be published this month and in April 2021.

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