Upcoming titles from Neon Squid

Tales of Ancient Worlds: Adventures in Archaeology by Stefan Milosavljevich, illus. by Sam Caldwell ($21.99, hardcover, 160p., ages 8-10, 9781684492121, January 4, 2022)

YouTuber Stefan Milosavljevich brings the world of archaeology to life in this beautifully illustrated book of history stories. Kids will peer into Egyptian tombs, dive under the ocean to explore shipwrecks and come face-to-face with fossilized Viking poop!

Animal Sidekicks: Amazing Stories of Symbiosis in Animals and Plants by Macken Murphy, illus. by Dragan Kordić ($19.99, hardcover, 128p., ages 8-10, 9781684492015, February 1, 2022)

Heard about the fish that clean shark teeth? Or the frog that lives with a tarantula? Wildlife podcaster Macken Murphy welcomes you to the weird world of symbiosis--where animals form incredible relationships.

The Book of Sisters: Biographies of Incredible Siblings Through History by Olivia Meikle and Katie Nelson ($19.99, hardcover, 128p., ages 8-10, 9781684492008, February 22, 2022)

Podcasters (and sisters!) Olivia Meikle and Katie Nelson highlight amazing sisters, such as Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret and tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams. Through the stories, readers will go on a breathtaking tour of history.

Big Cats (A Day in the Life): What Do Lions, Tigers, and Panthers Get up to All Day? by Tyus D. Williams, illus. by Chaaya Prabhat ($16.99, hardcover, 48p., ages 6-8, 9781684492077, March 1, 2022)

Set over a 24-hour period, meet sparring snow leopards, sprinting cheetahs and slumbering jaguars in this nonfiction story about the biggest cats on Earth. Wildlife ecologist Tyus D. Williams writes the gripping story in the style of a nature documentary, complete with simple science explanations perfect for future zoologists.

Bugs (A Day in the Life): What Do Bees, Ants, and Dragonflies Get up to All Day? by Dr. Jessica L. Ware, illus. by Chaaya Prabhat ($16.99, hardcover, 48p., ages 6-8, 9781684492114, March 1, 2022)

Bug expert Dr. Jessica L. Ware takes readers into the undergrowth to follow the lives of individual bugs, including honeybees and cicadas, as they fly, hunt, hide and scuttle their way through their day.

The Hospital: The Inside Story by Dr. Christle Nwora, illus. by Ginnie Hsu ($16.99, hardcover, 64p., ages 6-8, 9781684492046, April 5, 2022)

It's another busy day at the hospital! Meet doctors and nurses, ride in an ambulance and discover the magic of medicine in this story from real-life doctor Christle Nwora. Along the way Dr. Nwora explains the science behind how things work--such as X-rays and operating theaters--demystifying a trip to the hospital for kids.

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