Simon & Schuster Celebrates 100 Years

In 1924, Richard Simon and M. Lincoln (Max) Schuster set out to establish an innovative, nimble publishing house that published high-quality books of great interest to a wide audience, and to approach publishing differently than their peers. Their first publication, on April 10, 1924, was The Cross Word Puzzle Book, a runaway success capitalizing on the puzzle craze of the time—crosswords were a very new and very popular form of entertainment.

Just a few weeks later, on May 1, 1924, Schuster sent a note to Simon sharing that he had seen a figure of a man in the window of an art store in midtown Manhattan, and thought it might be an effective image to represent Simon & Schuster—"strong yet idealistic." Though it would take various forms over the years, The Sower—a figure planting seeds of knowledge—would appear on every Simon & Schuster spine, catalog, and company letterhead from then on.

The Sower is an apt symbol for Simon & Schuster, which grew to become a global powerhouse that publishes bestselling and critically acclaimed books for all ages and every reading taste, in all formats, in more than 100 countries and territories around the world. Today, it is the largest independent trade publisher of general interest books for adults and children, with a legacy forged through distinguished award winners, cult classics, and breakaway bestsellers, as well as literary gems of every genre.

Simon & Schuster Corporate Offices, NYC

For one hundred years, Simon & Schuster has brought the works of thousands of authors to millions upon millions of readers worldwide," Simon & Schuster President and CEO Jonathan Karp said. "Books of every kind, for every taste. Our founders, Dick Simon and Max Schuster, and their successors, have bequeathed us a legacy of entrepreneurial publishing that we are honored to carry on today. There is much to be joyful for, both in celebrating our long and glorious history, and taking from it inspiration that still today informs our efforts in service of our authors and their books."

This year, Simon & Schuster celebrates its 100th anniversary in a variety of ways, including a gala event on April 8 as well as the Simon & Schuster 100, a selection of the top 100 titles that best represent the depth and breadth of the company's publishing history. (See more about the gala and the Simon & Schuster 100 below!)

Another part of the celebration is Simon & Schuster, the book. Simon & Schuster: A Century of Publishing by Julianna Haubner is a completely new, richly illustrated history of the company from its humble beginnings as a one-room, two-person operation to the cultural and commercial force that it is today. Besides a long, entertaining, and informative narrative of the history of the company, the book includes an introduction from President and CEO Jonathan Karp, the Simon & Schuster 100, a 100th Anniversary crossword puzzle, a (long) list of the many prizes Simon & Schuster books have won, a listing of imprints and operating divisions, a business chronlogy, a listing of employees, and a three-part 1939 New Yorker profile of the company appropriately called "How to Win Profits and Influence Literature."

The company has also launched a dedicated 100th Anniversary website,, which features the company's prize winners, a special centennial video, beloved page-to-screen titles, trivia, and other highlights and information garnered from the company's colorful history and lasting cultural legacy. New content, including a special 100th Anniversary crossword, and other celebratory festivities, including giveaways, behind-the-scenes author features, and more, will be added throughout the year.

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