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May 2024

The Briar Club

The Briar Club

Kate Quinn

The New York Times bestselling author of historical fiction such as The Diamond Eye and The Rose Code, Kate Quinn has devised an atmospheric and engrossing murder mystery steeped in the intrigue of McCarthy-era suspicion. From the gruesome discovery of a dead body at its outset, The Briar Club infuses its thrilling tension with gothic charm, wry wit, and thoughtful depictions of friendship cultivated in dubious times. The newly widowed Mrs. Grace March arrived at the sleepy Briarwood women's boardinghouse in Washington, D.C., four years earlier, and breathed fresh life into the aging brownstone with her unusual ways. How could it all end in murder?

The Briar Club is a character-driven thriller filled with an eclectic array of boarders and mouthwatering recipes for house favorites like sweet tea, Swedish meatballs, corned beef hash, colcannon, and more. It's sure to be a hit with book clubs, for both its well-crafted mystery and the perceptive examination of women's lives during the Cold War and the Atomic Age.

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