Fool's Assassin

Fans of Robin Hobb's Farseer Trilogy can rejoice over this related series centered on FitzChivalry Farseer and his elusive mentor, the Fool. The world thinks him dead, but after years of intrigue, acting as the king's assassin, Fitz is pretending be a simple country squire known as Tom Badgerlock and is safely ensconced in Withywoods, the estate he shares with his beloved wife, Molly. But Fitz's previous life as a bastard and slayer continues to invade his domestic peace as he receives messages via his Skill magic from many at Buckkeep Castle, including Chade, who persists in sending Tom old scrolls about the Skills to transcribe.

As the seasons pass, Tom can no longer ignore the series of mysterious visitors and warnings he receives. They serve to rekindle his memories of the years he left behind: his own imprisonment, the time with Molly he lost while incarcerated, and the odd disappearance of the Fool, a man who was like a father to Fitz but abandoned him in an effort to preserve all the magic they'd created together.

Filled with rich details of manor life and herbal lore, coupled with powerful magic, new characters and old friends, Fitz's escapades will resonate deeply with readers already acquainted with the assassin. Those who've just discovered the fascinating world that Hobbs has created are in for a delightful treat that's part love story, part suspenseful murder mystery; it will leave readers questioning to what extent a man's past can and should rule his present and his future. --Lee E. Cart, freelance writer and book reviewer

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