The Rift Frequency

Thrust through the Rift into Earth's multiverse, Citadel Ryn (a genetically modified teen soldier) is searching for her boyfriend, Ezra, and the valuable computer he is carrying. Hopscotching from one version of Earth to another, Ryn is accompanied by Levi, a fellow soldier though not a friend. The pair must depend on each other for survival--meaning they need to trust one another, if they hope to catch up to Ezra before someone else does. But when Blood Lust (which turns romantic feelings into a killer instinct) arises in Levi, Ryn has even more problems to deal with than alien species who wish them harm.

In the second volume of the Rift Uprising trilogy, Amy Foster has created multiple Earths where the environment and inhabitants vary between hostility and friendliness. She uses these alternate planets to explore what life might have been like if certain events in history had unfolded differently, creating challenges for Ryn and Levi that enable them to use their superpowers and high-tech devices to continue forward into the next Rift. The multiverse is an interesting backdrop for this triangular love/angst-ridden teenage sci-fi thriller. After many Rifts, the tempo increases in the last third where much-awaited answers are provided. Since very little background is included and this book takes off where book one stopped, readers must have read The Rift Uprising to understand the details of what is happening and why. Book two definitely sets the stage for a third, explosive final book in this well-written sci-fi trilogy. --Lee E. Cart, freelance writer and book reviewer

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