Better Together: A Book of Family

Barbara Joosse (author of the endearing Mama, Do You Love Me?), zoologist Anneke Lisberg and collage artist Jared Andrew Schorr craft the engaging Better Together: A Book of Family with poetic text (including plural group names), a lift-the-flap format and inventive die-cuts. "One frisky meerkat flops in the dirt/ dusty musty/ All alone...?" Open the flap to see Uncle cleaning the meerkat because "mama's gone a-hunting." The back matter explains that adults "take turns taking care of the pups while others find food." In a homey living room, a light brown-skinned baby appears with the reassuring message on the inside flap that there is a multiracial family to care for the baby including "someone to teach and someone to play,/ and keep you safe the livelong day." --Melinda Greenblatt, freelance book reviewer

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