Raise your sippy cups in salute to the newest member of Christopher Franceschelli's (City Block) funky, chunky Block Books series, illustrated by British design team Peskimo.

Longer and inestimably cooler than the average board book, these charmers feature die-cuts and gatefolds galore. Two children peek beyond a wall into a sprawling construction site where cheerful workers demonstrate their mighty machines. While most construction-themed board and picture books stick to common construction tools like backhoes and bulldozers, Buildablock offers a more encyclopedic listing, with gatefolds revealing an enormous tunnel borer and a bridge builder so long it takes up four pages. Construction fans will happily add these rarities to their vocabularies as well as pick up strong action words like "burrow" and "span." Hand this upbeat treat to your budding builder. --Jaclyn Fulwood, youth services manager, main branch, Dayton Metro Library

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