Dear Miss Kopp

As World War I rages across Europe, former deputy sheriff Constance Kopp and her sisters are doing their bit for the war effort. Constance is undercover as an intelligence agent tracking down saboteurs and German spies; Fleurette is dancing and singing her way through army camps Stateside; and Norma is running her pigeon messenger program for the military from an undisclosed location in France. Amy Stewart paints a sharp-eyed picture of wartime challenges and a testy but tough sisterly bond in her sixth Kopp Sisters novel, Dear Miss Kopp.

Though Constance is often the series' main narrator, Fleurette and Norma get equal airtime in this epistolary novel. Urged by her sisters to write more than a few lines, Norma begins sharing episodes from French village life--and her roommate, Agnes, a nurse at the local hospital, begins adding notes of her own. When Agnes is accused of stealing medicines and Norma's pigeon program is put on ice, both women take matters into their own hands. Meanwhile, Fleurette is dealing with the vagaries of life on the road--including a parrot named Laura--and Constance is juggling investigative work and training a young female recruit. Stewart (Kopp Sisters on the March) captures these real-life sisters and their fictional voices with intelligence, wry humor and biting commentary on the sexism faced by women in and out of the armed forces. Letters fly thick and fast between France, New Jersey and Fleurette's various postings, providing warmth, wit and a satisfying mystery for both the sisters and their readers. --Katie Noah Gibson, blogger at Cakes, Tea and Dreams

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