Rediscover: The Favorite Son

Favorite Son, a movie based on the novel by Tiffany L. Warren, premieres this Thursday, May 6, on BET+. The film follows brothers Camden and Blaine Drake, sons of a bishop and founders of a gospel group. At first their father disapproves of the group, until Blaine, his favorite child, delivers a rousing performance to the congregation. The bishop wants them back every Sunday, but the brothers' rising popularity instead sends them on gigs across the country, meeting music executives and being plied with the temptations of fame. Outgoing Blaine is more eager to partake in these distractions than quiet Camden, and soon the brothers' success threatens their familial bonds.

Directed by Robin Givens, the movie stars Rotimi (Power), Jonathan McReynolds, Serayah (Empire), Loren Lott (Cherish the Day), E. Roger Mitchell (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire), Keke Wyatt, Anthony Evans Jr., Anton Peeples (Insecure, Mr. Mom), Lisa Arrindell (Madea's Family Reunion) and Walnette Santiago (Atlanta). It was adapted by Patricia Cuffie-Jones. Tiffany L. Warren's other books include The Replacement Wife, The Pastor's Husband, Her Secret Life, The Outside Child and All the Things I Should Have Known. Warren's most recent novel is All the Things I Meant to Tell You, published last month. The Favorite Son is available from Kensington ($7.99).

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