All the Feels

Olivia Dade follows Spoiler Alert with All the Feels, a hilarious and heartfelt opposites-attract romance. Dade again pairs a gorgeous A-list actor with a fat un-famous woman, and her characters are just as lovable as before, but their journey together looks entirely different. Alex Woodroe is the fun-loving, sharp-witted friend everyone loves to be around, but his big heart and ADHD are a liability in Hollywood. When he's arrested in a bar fight, Alex's producer hires Lauren Clegg, a reserved emergency services clinician in need of respite, to keep him out of trouble until the final season of his Game of Thrones-like show has finished airing. They're required to spend almost all of their time together, so Dade keeps the banter flowing. She skillfully develops her characters and their relationship through humor balanced with some deeper moments, moving from "Big Harpy Energy" jokes to a scene in which Alex explains why he writes fanfic to correct the way his character's final season arc depicts abusive relationships.

Lauren and Alex's connection builds slowly, a sweet and sarcastic friendship that ramps up to a few surprisingly steamy scenes during a two-week road trip. Much of the book's conflict is external, and these two generous people are fiercely protective of each other, making it easy for readers to stand firmly in their corner.

All the Feels delivers lots of laughs and gives the characters--and readers--a well-deserved happy ending. --Suzanne Krohn, librarian and freelance reviewer

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