In this vibrant, energetic picture book, Matt Ringler imagines one wild ride of a parent-child outing, illustrated by three-time Pura Belpré Award-winner Raúl the Third and artistic partner Elaine Bay.

"The inside feels too small for Sam," says a brown-skinned little girl with ink-black pigtails. Her dad can cure "this daily disaster" of a nascent tantrum: a ride on the strollercoaster! Her dad, a rubber-limbed gentleman with a high pompadour, scoops Sam into her stroller, which acts as a dad-powered carnival ride through their bustling neighborhood. Ringler's zippy, onomatopoeic description of a daily father-daughter ritual lays the track for a breathless thrill ride that perfectly mimics a classic coaster. Bay's peppy palette grabs the eye, and Raúl the Third's visual feast of detail-stuffed scenes and sly sight gags invites readers to linger. Strollercoaster shows that imagination and the bond between caregiver and child can transform a pedestrian routine into a joyful, unforgettable adventure. --Jaclyn Fulwood, youth services manager, Main Branch, Dayton Metro Library

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