Weather Girl

Rachel Lynn Solomon (The Ex Talk; We Can't Keep Meeting Like This) has created a wonderfully heartfelt and hilarious romance in Weather Girl. Ari Abrams has longed to be a meteorologist since she was a little girl. So getting a job at the same Seattle television news station as Torrance Hale, a local weather legend, seemed to be a dream come true. But unfortunately for Ari, Torrance's ex-husband, Seth, is the station's news director, and their tumultuous relationship means the workplace environment is incredibly stressful.

Also affected by the tension is sweet, shy sports reporter Russell Barringer. Tired of Seth's passive-aggressive memos and Torrance's drama, Russell and Ari drunkenly decide at a holiday office party to make their bosses fall in love again, for the sake of the station. But as they bond over wacky schemes to throw Torrance and Seth together, Ari and Russell come to realize that they may also be falling for each other.

Lighthearted but with depth (characters deal with depression, fat-shaming, co-parenting and more), Weather Girl is a fantastic romance. Solomon has created lovely, enjoyable characters, and the laugh-out-loud matchmaking hijinks are a wonderful foil for the heavier themes the book explores. Descriptions of the Seattle area create a charming backdrop, making this an excellent choice for readers who like a little armchair traveling with their romance. Perfect for fans of Jasmine Guillory or Christina Lauren, Weather Girl will not disappoint. --Jessica Howard, bookseller at Bookmans, Flagstaff, Ariz.

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