Something Wilder

The co-writing team known as Christina Lauren (The Soulmate Equation; The Unhoneymooners; The Honey-Don't List) branches out into romantic suspense with Something Wilder. Filled with their trademark humor and clever banter, Something Wilder adds an extra frisson of suspense, as a group of people on a "treasure hunt" through the Utah wilderness discovers that the legend of Butch Cassidy's hidden treasure might, in fact, be real.

Lily Wilder, daughter of famed treasure hunter Duke Wilder, reluctantly trades on her father's name to keep her wilderness horse-trekking business afloat. Duke was an absentee father who left Lily penniless after his death, but she still hopes someday to reacquire their family ranch. Until then, taking groups of people out for team building or bachelor fun in the Canyonlands of Utah is the only way she can make ends meet. When Lily's latest group of tourists shows up, she is appalled to  see that one of them is Leo, the man who broke her heart a decade before. But avoiding Leo soon becomes the least of Lily's problems, as strange occurrences reveal that someone believes that Duke did find Butch Cassidy's hidden treasure--and that he told Lily where to find it.

Funny and adventurous, Something Wilder is a rollicking good time, with desert shootouts, campfire kissing and literal treasure hunting. It's a perfect blend of action and romance, sure to appeal to Christina Lauren fans and new readers alike. --Jessica Howard, freelance book reviewer

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