Drunk on Love

Jasmine Guillory, author of the Wedding Date series, exchanges busy San Francisco for California's lush Wine Country in Drunk on Love, her newest romance. Margot Noble inherited half of her uncle's winery. This would be great, if people weren't constantly surprised that a Black woman owns a winery and if the other half of the establishment wasn't owned by her recalcitrant brother, Elliot. Tired of arguing with Elliot and irritated that he hired some guy named William without even consulting her, Margot heads to a local bar to burn off some steam. She is delighted to discover a handsome Black man there (a rarity in Wine Country) and, although she's not usually a one-night-stand person, Luke is irresistible. Margot ends up going home with him and having an incredible night.

The next morning, when he arrives at the winery to complete his paperwork, Margot is horrified to discover that Luke is actually Luke Williams, the "William something" her brother hired. Luke is also alarmed that the sexy woman he spent an amazing night with is his new boss. Can they work together without giving in to the strong attraction between them?

As always, Guillory (Party of Two; Royal Holiday; The Wedding Party) brings readers a female lead who is smart and savvy--and knows what she wants out of life. But Margot has a lot to juggle between the winery, her complicated relationship with her brother and Luke's hotness. Fans of Guillory's other books or Abby Jimenez's Part of Your World are sure to love Drunk on Love. --Jessica Howard, freelance book reviewer

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