Maggie Stiefvater (Call Down the Hawk) expands upon the world of the 2012 animated film Brave in this lively YA novel for movie fans and newcomers alike. Princess Merida of DunBroch's plan for a joyous Christmas celebration is soured by the arrival of Feradach, "a god of ruin." Feradach, driven by his duty to destroy "that which has fallen into stagnation," is compelled to destroy DunBroch and its people. The Cailleach, "a goddess of creation," intervenes and gives Merida one year to encourage growth in every single family member. Merida travels with her father, mother and three younger brothers to other kingdoms, hoping to inspire change. Stiefvater's depiction of Merida's often-chaotic, always loving family forms the heart of this novel. Bravely skillfully unites energetic fantasy adventure with character growth. --Alanna Felton, freelance reviewer

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