I Can See You

Margaret Wise Brown would probably approve of the comforting repetition and small surprises found in retired Inuinnaqtun teacher Rosemarie Avrana Meyok's I Can See You. This simple, friendly board book features mothers or caregivers and children exploring their love in a repeated pattern through the five senses. Details such as a "kunik" (Inuit nose kiss) between adult and child, plush animals (snowy owl, narwhal, walrus) and views of tundra and icebergs give clues to the far northern Canadian setting. Canadian illustrator Michelle Simpson creates softly rounded, brightly colored pictures of snuggling, laughing, peek-a-booing adults and toddlers. There's a good chance the wee recipients of this adorable book will see it, hear it, smell it, feel it and taste it. --Emilie Coulter, freelance writer and editor

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