The Blur

An Asian American child runs circles around their bewildered, loving parents in Minh Lê and Dan Santat's third picture book collaboration, the masterful contemporary family story The Blur. Incisive text contrasts with Santat's exuberant colored pencil, watercolor and digital illustrations, as the book begins with the unnamed kid's extraordinary super powers: "The supersonic voice, fantastically elastic limbs... and, of course, those ultra-magnetic powers." As the child ages and takes part in ordinary childhood activities (trick-or-treating, playing piano), they remain spirited and grow daring. Too soon, the teen is learning to drive, graduating from high school and leaving for college: "How did we get here so fast? It's all a blur." An uplifting and joyful modern-day substitution for fans of the omnipresent Love You Forever. --Melinda Greenblatt, freelance book reviewer

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