Did You Eat Yet? Craveable Recipes from an All-American Asian Chef

Self-described "model turned therapist turned globetrotting chef who also happens to be Asian, American, and gay," Ronnie Woo brings readers his first cookbook. Did You Eat Yet? is a delicious combination of tasty recipes, autobiographical stories and photos of mouthwatering meals. Most of the photos are of the dishes Woo creates, but for thirsty foodie fans there's enough dishy photos of Woo in short shorts or shirtless to rival Queer Eye chef Antoni Porowski.

The recipes are wide-ranging. "I've never fit into a single box, and neither do my recipes," writes Woo. He divides his cookbook into chapters on sauces, breakfast (including breakfast tacos, pancakes and cinnamon rolls), healthy food (sweet potato chowder, coconut curry chickpea and cherry tomato stew, salads), noodles (garlic noodles, rice cakes, burrata, wontons), snacks (puff pastry bites, sushi, bao, chicken wings, pork sliders) and vegetarian fare (crispy fried onions, eggplant adobo, asparagus and chorizo stir-fry). Three chapters cover various recipes for chicken, seafood and meat dishes. And the final chapter explores desserts (including blackberry ice cream, sushi-rice pudding, salted upside-down buttermilk banana cake, flourless chocolate cake and caramelized egg tart). Each recipe (spread over two or three pages) contains a list of ingredients, a three- or four-step set of baking/assembly instructions, Woo's autobiographical memory of that food and an appetizing photo of the final product.

Woo's charming and funny intros to each dish broaden the appeal of this cookbook. This is not just a collection of recipes; it's a friendly and endearing conversation with an exuberant and playful foodie and chef--and a tasty treat for gourmands and gourmets alike. --Kevin Howell, independent reviewer and marketing consultant

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