Every Day: The Graphic Novel

David Levithan joins forces with Indonesian illustrator/designer Dion MBD (Where We Come From) to create a compelling graphic version of Levithan's 2012 young adult novel, Every Day. The story of A, a teenager who wakes up every morning in the body of a different person, is given extra dimension by MBD's tidy, affecting digital art.

A is something like a substitute soul--they do not have a human form of their own, but instead inhabit other bodies for 24-hour chunks of time. When A wakes up in the body of Justin and meets his girlfriend, Rhiannon, they are unprepared for how deeply they connect with her. A falls in love and tries to communicate their existence to Rhiannon: "when who you are changes every day--you get to touch the universal more.... by seeing the world from so many angles, I get more of a sense of its dimensionality." Rhiannon, once she's convinced A is telling her the truth, struggles to grasp this utterly foreign life.

MBD's perceptive illustrations beautifully enhance A's extraordinary, already popular story, and provide readers additional aid in understanding them. No matter the body, A's strong, emotional facial expressions remain consistent; MBD uses techniques in light, color, sharpness to represent emotional states, offering readers different entrances into Levithan's weighty, esoteric concept. Every Day: The Graphic Novel is an innovative book full of insightful observations about humans and connection. --Jen Forbus, freelancer

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