Glossy: Ambition, Beauty, and the Inside Story of Emily Weiss's Glossier

Glossier's effortlessly cool and wildly trendy skincare and makeup products have captured the loyalty of millions of customers. Although the brand preaches inclusivity, its founder Emily Weiss exudes elusiveness. In Glossy, Marisa Meltzer (This Is Big; How 'Sassy' Changed My Life) writes: "If the beauty industry has an 'It girl,' one who radiates genuine self-made power as well as genuine mystique, it's probably Weiss." Weiss was a "super intern" at Teen Vogue, featured on the reality show The Hills; created the beauty blog Into the Gloss; and eventually became the founder and CEO of Glossier.

Meltzer tells the story of Weiss's extraordinary career, revealing how she used every opportunity to make her vision of the aesthetic, culture, and success of Glossier a reality. Through former employees, colleagues, and Weiss herself, Meltzer keenly captures the essence of Weiss and her revolutionary brand, which teaches women to embrace their natural features through the mantra "skincare first, makeup second." Weiss's journey, though a glowing story of success, is also entangled with the fall of many other "girlboss" CEOs, allegations of unhealthy office culture, and failed ideas. But before stepping down as CEO in 2022, for her impending transition to motherhood, Weiss built Glossier from a start-up into a company whose customers want to look, smell, and wear everything Glossier. --Clara Newton, freelance reviewer

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