But First, Coffee: A Guide to Brewing from the Kitchen to the Bar

In a nation steeped in coffee culture, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to brewing at home. It's easy to go out and get a $6 latte every day at the newest and trendiest coffee shop. But First, Coffee is a love letter to the drink, and to the robust ways it can be experienced, tasted, and enjoyed.

"Brewing coffee for yourself and those you love is one of life's great pleasures, a sensory symphony of flavors," write Jordan Michelman, a James Beard Award-winning journalist, and Zachary Carlsen, a barista turned journalist. With clear instructions and striking photography (including a close-up photo array of results from different grinding approaches), the volume guides readers through a multitude of methods for experiencing their next favorite cup. Whether it's Chemex or espresso shots, pour-over or full-immersion, the authors take their cups seriously but adventurously, and are a constant source of knowledge and inspiration. This is a perfect gift for every coffee lover. --Dominic Howarth, book manager at Book + Bottle

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