Indigenous Ingenuity: A Celebration of Traditional North American Knowledge

Indigenous Ingenuity by Deidre Havrelock (Buffalo Wild!), member of the Saddle Lake Cree Nation, and Edward Kay (Gross Science series) is an engaging and cleverly compiled guide to North American and Mesoamerican Indigenous innovation. STEM topics (housing, medicine, clothing, agriculture, and hunting among them) are compellingly and conversationally discussed, including unexpected topics like Aztec warrior education, and eccentric ones like the invention of the whoopee cushion. Grayscale boxes spotlight enthralling facts (Ancient Romans imported "the best urine" from Portugal to use as mouthwash) and creative activities (how to write a pictographic story; a weaving craft). Photos and spot art by Kalila Fuller (Finding My Dance) depict artifacts that include Tlingit armor, implements such as ancient fish traps, scientific processes, people of note, and more. The authors correct misconceptions, and herald interconnectedness and future-minded thinking. An authors' note, introduction, epilogue, glossary, bibliography, and index supplement this necessary text. --Samantha Zaboski, freelance editor and reviewer

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