Transported: 50 Vehicles that Changed the World

Transported by Matt Ralphs and illustrated by debut children's book artist Rui Ricardo is an exciting and educational examination of the 50 most significant vehicles in human history. Beginning with the ancient Polynesian canoe and working chronologically toward the electric and solar-powered vehicles of the present, Ralphs (Norse Myths) provides a litany of fun facts about each vehicle and explains how transportation factors into all aspects of human life. This includes seemingly simple activities like cargo hauling and farming to extravagant displays of luxury, power, and scientific advancement. Ricardo's realistic, detailed illustrations feature magnificent scale and dynamic movement: wheels churning up dust, sails swelling with the wind, smoke billowing out of chimney stacks, and propellers whirring at top speed. Transported is a great gift for young readers interested in history, science, and exploration. --Cade Williams, freelance reviewer

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