Hot Sheet: Sweet and Savory Sheet Pan Recipes for Every Day and Celebrations

In Hot Sheet, Olga Massov (The Kimchi Cookbook, with Lauryn Chun) and Sanaë Lemoine (The Margot Affair) breathe life into the "underappreciated workhorse of the kitchen": the sheet pan. With ideas and inspiration for breakfast, appetizers, dinners, and desserts, the friends--food lovers (and one-time cookbook editors)--offer simple, easy-to-execute recipes for home chefs looking to increase the flavor and ingenuity of their cooking while minimizing active time in the kitchen, be it spent cooking or cleaning.

Massov and Lemoine start with the basics, as can be expected of any solid cookbook: why use the sheet pan, how to choose and care for one (with encouragement to love the patina they develop over time), and details of pantry and kitchen staples required to complete the dishes in Hot Sheet. From there, recipes are organized by dish type: breakfast, which includes the All-the-Herbs Frittata; snacks, such as Ginger-Lemongrass Meatballs; and both meat- and vegetable-based mains, including Quick Sheet Pan Chili and Sheet Pan "Fried" Rice. Brief introductory remarks for each recipe outline unexpected twists on old favorites and new delights to be found in adapting something for sheet pan cooking. The authors also give nod to various sources of inspiration for the flavor-packed dishes featured throughout, such as Massov's Russian upbringing and Lemoine's mother's Japanese cooking. With stunning full-color photography by Johnny Miller (especially helpful in recipes where the sheet pan organization is essential to a meal's success), Hot Sheet promises to make mouths water and inspire even the busiest home cooks to view the sheet pan, once a simple kitchen staple, as more of the "kitchen super-hero" it truly is. --Kerry McHugh, freelance writer

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