In This Issue

This week's recommended reading includes Red Side Story, a witty and intriguing installment in Jasper Fforde's series about a satirical dystopia in which "status is determined based on the colors a person can see"; and The Year of Living Constitutionally, in which humorist A.J. Jacobs takes a "distinctively irreverent" approach to understanding what he calls the country's "most influential and perplexing" foundational document. Plus, Hurdles in the Dark: My Story of Survival, Resilience and Triumph by Elvira K. Gonzalez is an "inspiring young adult memoir that details the life of a Mexican American athlete fighting to get a track scholarship."

In The Writer's Life, novelist Eve J. Chung praises the abundance of books that have impacted her, as well as the importance of her local library, where she finds "a sense of permanence."

--Dave Wheeler, senior editor, Shelf Awareness
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