Savor It

In Tarah DeWitt's Savor It, a disgraced chef and a schoolteacher spend a summer teaching each other to enjoy the little things. With humor, simmering tension and steady character development, this small-town romance is a feast for the senses and a balm for world-weary souls.

Fisher Lange was once a culinary rockstar with three Michelin stars. But his passion waned and then his sister died in a car crash, leading to a public blowup and his firing. His former boss gives him one last chance: go to Spunes, Ore., and get her new restaurant ready for the incoming head chef. After having dodged his guardian responsibilities for three years, Fisher takes his teenage niece to Spunes for a fresh start. The small town proves exactly what they both need--a chance to breathe and connect with each other.

Schoolteacher and amateur flower farmer Sage Byrd is a small-town girl. She loves the supportive community of Spunes and doesn't dream of leaving. And she refuses to be labeled as unambitious or somehow lesser because she's happy this way.

When Fisher moves in next door for the summer, the two fall into a sweet, sexy, short-term romance. Growing closer is bittersweet. How can they follow their hearts and stay true to themselves when they know Fisher will leave soon?

As Sage and Fisher linger over the feel of water on their skin, the vibrant beauty of a late-summer dahlia, and the decadence of a simple, perfect scone, readers will be inspired to slow down and savor it. --Suzanne Krohn, librarian and freelance reviewer

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