The Second Chance of Darius Logan

Eisner Award-winning author David F. Walker (Bitter Root; The Black Panther Party: A Graphic Novel History) joins the YA world with The Second Chance of Darius Logan, a fast-paced and action-packed dystopian superhero origin story.

Black 16-year-old Darius Logan knows nothing but survival. Almost eight years ago, Darius's family was killed in an event known as "The Attack," which produced "fiftysomething square miles of devastation." Since then, Darius has been in and out of foster homes, juvenile detentions, shelters and running the streets. But when Darius is caught by Captain Freedom, his childhood hero, with a backpack full of an illegal drug called eXXeLL, he's given the choice to either serve 15 years in prison or take part in Second Chance, a new program for reformed criminals. Darius chooses to serve his time at Super Justice Force Headquarters and becomes the first person to go to Second Chance without having previously served time. However, as lucky as Darius may be to escape doing prison time, he is unprepared for what it means to accept placement with Super Justice Force--Darius is going to be a superhero.

Walker's skilled character development shows the young man's immense growth over his few years at Super Justice Force Headquarters; Darius remains observant and street smart, while also gaining the ability to trust others and work through his intense feelings of loss and grief. Secondary characters like Elladia, Darius's love interest, and Manny, his supervisor, further support his growth and introspective nature. Darius ultimately is the superhero of his own story and an impactful example of why second chances matter. --Kharissa Kenner, children's librarian, Bank Street School for Children

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