Bright Kindles Controversy

Some readers objected to a part of Friday's Book Brahmin by Susie Bright--not because of anything she wrote about erotica or pornography. Shelf Awareness's readership is, after all, a rather libertarian crowd. Instead the objection had to do with her question: "On my Kindle now?"

One reader wondered if Amazon paid to have the question inserted. When we let him know this was not the case, he wondered if Amazon paid Bright.

To answer both questions: no, Amazon did not pay to have the question added. What happened is this: as is our standard practice with Book Brahmins, we encouraged the author to add questions to our standard ones. Bright added several, including the one about her Kindle reading. (Among the others, to which no one objected: "When people ask me what great erotic literature is, I say" and "Best book on pornography.")

Another reader suggested that the question "On my Kindle now" should have been generic. We agree and were we to do it over, we would have changed the question to "On my e-reader now" and noted in the answer that the e-reader was a Kindle.


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