Indie Bookstores 'Finding Their Niche in the Community'

In an article headlined "Scrappy bookstores beat the odds by finding their niche in the community," the Kansas City Star spoke with Vivien Jennings, founder and president of Rainy Day Books in Fairway, who said that bookstores will continue to hold an important place in the community and that the "Amazon impact" has plateaued.

"They've done all they can with books," she said. "They came, they pillaged and they moved on. They used books as an entry point because books are easy to order and ship." She added that neighborhood bookstore will continue to exist in the future: "People have to know the impact of their decisions. If you value what we do, you have to give us your business. I think there is more awareness of that now.... People are coming back to the relationships.... I think the outlook is optimistic," she said. "People are realizing we're a place for them, a community space.... We have really good support from the community, and I feel positive about that."

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