Maine's Bull Moose Bullish on Books

Bull Moose, the new and used movies, games and music retailer that also sells books at seven of its 12 locations across Maine and New Hampshire, will add a book department to its Lewiston, Maine, location this fall.

The store, which is located in the Lewiston Mall, will move to an 8,000-square-foot storefront in the same mall, a space that once housed a Pet Life. The new store will have a direct entrance from the parking lot, and Bull Moose will devote around 2,000 square feet to a book department.

Since about 2010, bookselling has become an increasingly important part of Bull Moose's business. Chief financial officer Chris Brown explained: "Books give people one more reason to visit us. Many of our stores are in smallish towns that wouldn't have a bookstore without us. It's almost like we have a responsibility to make sure books are available locally."

Bull Moose was founded by a junior at Bowdoin College in 1989. Today it has more than 150 employees.

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