Shambhala's Bala Kids Imprint Launching Next Spring

Shambhala Publications' new children's imprint, Bala Kids, announced last year, will make its debut in spring 2019. Named for the word meaning both "child" and "strength" in Sanskrit, Bala Kids is dedicated to "supporting the next generation through the development of wisdom and compassion."

The imprint will be led by Ivan Bercholz, publisher, and Juree Sondker, editorial director. Bercholz is the son of Shambhala Publications founder Sam Bercholz, and with his sister Sara Bercholz, is the second-generation owner of the company. Sondker joined Shambhala Publications as an editor in 2016.

Bala Kids' inaugural list will include Everything Is Connected, a picture book by Jason Gruhl and illustrated by Ignasi Font; Where's Buddha? by author and illustrator Marisa Aragón Ware; and Sitting Still Like a Frog Activity Book, based on Shambhala's meditation book for kids Sitting Still Like a Frog by Eline Snel.

Founded in 1969 with headquarters in Boulder, Colo., Shambhala Publications publishes a variety of titles pertaining to Buddhism, wellness, spirituality and more.

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