On the Side Books' Act of Kindness Goes Viral, Reddit Style

An act of kindness by Heather and Brandon Whittemore, co-owners of On the Side Books, Bradford, Pa., has gone viral. The Era reported that the story began when a customer, Leslie Ostrum, left a five-star review of the bookstore on its Google page explaining how a bookseller had stepped up in a major way to help make a "Christmas at Thanksgiving" celebration come true for Ostrum's sister's foster child.

After Heather Whittemore thanked Ostrum for the kind review, she then shared a screenshot of it on the bookshop's Facebook page. A local resident shared that screenshot "in a group on Sunday called r/HumanBeingBros where acts of kindness are recorded and admired by Reddit users regularly," the Era wrote, and "by 4 p.m. Monday the views on Reddit reached a staggering 358,000 according to the original Reddit content poster, Tyler. The Reddit up vote was at 28,000 user votes with 193 responses."

Reddit user Allrayden's reaction was typical: "I really wish more people had the decency to do things like this for one another. There's plenty of people who would just go there to turn the heater on, and get back home to the warmth. Kudos to both the employees as well as the person gifting the books, and the person bringing the foster home for the holidays."

Later Monday On the Side Books posted on Facebook: "Um.... so this is happening.... What?!?!!! So crazy!!!"

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