Australians Among Queen's Birthday Honors Recipients

Several Australian authors and industry figures were recognized in this year's Queen's Birthday Honors list, which were announced recently, Books+Publishing reported. They include:

Authors Di Morrissey (AM for "significant service to literature as a novelist, and to conservation and the environment"); Sophie Cunningham (AM for "significant service to literature as an author, editor and role model"); Charlotte Wood (AM for "significant service to literature"); Anna Fienberg (AM for "significant service to literature as an author"); and Jane Caro (AM for "significant service to the broadcast media as a journalist, social commentator and author").

Other honorees were journalist, businessperson and ABC chair Ita Buttrose (AC for "eminent service to the community through leadership in the media, the arts, and the health sector, and as a role model"); translator and academic Ian Hugh Johnston (AO for "distinguished service to classical literature through the translation and interpretation of ancient Greek and Chinese texts"); Rosemary Ross Johnston (AM for "significant service to higher education, and to children's literature"); and Katharine England (OAM for "service to literature").

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