NCIBA Launches Indie Bookseller Maker Marketplace

The Northern California Independent Booksellers Association, in conjunction with the other regional booksellers associations, has launched the beta version of the new Indie Bookseller Maker Marketplace, an online portal for independent booksellers to sell their own crafted items to other independent booksellers around the country.

To create a listing, booksellers must provide a description of their item, including its dimensions, weight and material, along with a photo, the item's wholesale price, shipping information and the seller's contact information. Final terms and conditions are the responsibility of the buyer and seller, and while there are no listing fees during the beta, there will likely be a small charge when the service is finalized, in order to cover administration costs.

"I hope it is a game changer for stores staying unique and supporting one another," said Calvin Crosby, executive director of the NCIBA, adding that Ann Seaton of the NCIBA and Wanda Jewell of the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance were the "big drivers" behind the Maker Marketplace.

Interested booksellers can reach Ann Seaton via e-mail.

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