'The Heart (and Power) of an Indie Bookstore'


"Marcie Colleen is a favorite children's author" at Run for Cover Bookstore, San Diego, Calif., owner Marianne Reiner posted on the bookshop's Facebook page, along with a link to Colleen's blog post, headlined "The Heart (and Power) of an Indie Bookstore."

The post chronicles a heartwarming encounter at the shop over the weekend that speaks volumes for the indie experience. "The events she describes in her beautiful blogpost illustrate why I have the best job in the world," Reiner noted. "Indie bookstores are indeed a special place. And you sure can't get these stories from Amazon! Thank you Marcie!"

After sharing her tale of a father, a daughter, a bookseller and an author, Colleen wrote: "You will not get this kind of love and care through Amazon. This is the heart of an indie bookstore. This is the heart of bookseller, Marianne Reiner, and Run for Cover Bookstore.... Thank you, Marianne! Connecting readers to books is a magical endeavor and you are a generous sorceress, indeed."

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