The Book Dragon Opens in Staunton, Va.


The Book Dragon, a new and used bookshop at 102 W. Beverly Street in Staunton, Va., has opened "with the hope of creating a welcoming and fun space in the downtown area, and can't wait to see our shelves filled with books and our floor filled with people!" A grand opening celebration is scheduled for August 3.

"I really like the Staunton area and love going downtown," owner Sandra Cararo told the News Leader. "I wanted someplace that had a walking area and the historical downtown fits that. I think it is great being right on a corner, especially with the mural that is going to be updated." The shop's exterior wall will feature the new mural, thanks to a $10,000 grant the city received.

"It has always been my goal to own my own business and I love books too. It made sense to combine owning a business and having it be books," Cararo added.

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