New in Lafayette, Colo.: The Read Queen Bookstore and Cafe

Barbra Huntting and Deirdre Appelhans, who bought the inventory and naming rights from the closed Book Cellar in Louisville, Colo., plan to re-open in nearby Lafayette, and they've chosen a new name: The Read Queen Bookstore and Café. A nod to the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland, the Read Queen should open later in February or in March, according to the Colorado Hometown Weekly.

"There was a lot of research of what could be involved in the project," Appelhans told the Weekly. "There was a lot of structural improvements that had to take place, especially because it's a building that's almost 120 years old."

The store is offering new and used books and will have a café and outdoor patio. Jigsaw, the stuffed red dragon, is among items from the Book Cellar that will remain in the Read Queen. The store is near Boulder.
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