Bookshop Video: Reopening Song

British bookseller Bookbugs and Dragon Tales in Norwich reopened this week with a musical flourish. Co-owners Leanne and Dan Fridd "recorded their own version of a Hairspray classic--belting out 'Good Morning Timberhill' as shops reopen," Eastern Daily Press reported, adding that the couple said they wanted to "make people smile after such a miserable time."

"We approach everything with a laugh," said Leanne Fridd. "That's not to say we're laughing at the seriousness of what's happened--far from it--but we wanted to try and do something positive and make people smile after what has been such a miserable time.... It's so weird to have people coming into the shop and not being able to hug them. We've seen their babies grow up and come through our toddler sessions, and we haven't seen them in months.... What you get with us is that we really care. Our customers feel like our friends and we want to help and support them."

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