Canvasback Books Opening in Klamath Falls, Ore.

Canvasback Books, a general-interest independent bookstore, will open in downtown Klamath Falls, Ore., on Saturday, October 24. Owner Anne Marie Kessler has already started doing pick-up service and special orders at the store, but won't be allowing customers inside until next weekend.

Kessler hopes Canvasback Books will be a gathering space for the Klamath Falls community, a home for diverse voices and a "safe place for children and young adults to grow in their appreciation of books and ideas." In addition to books, the store will sell games, toys, stationery and cards.

The store resides in an historic building that was originally built as a hotel in 1906. Renovating the space has been an "enormous undertaking," with the building requiring all new electricity, heat, plumbing, interior walls, floors, a new roof and more. Kessler described the renovations as a "huge labor of love," and earlier this year launched a GoFundMe to help with that and building-out the store.

"We've watched our community come together to help, too," Kessler wrote. "Nearly 100 family members, friends and neighbors have contributed volunteer time, energy and expertise to help with this renovation."

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