Image of the Day: Polar Bear at Copperfield's

"This was by far the craziest, most successful pre-order campaign Copperfield's has ever participated in!" raved Patty Norman, children's specialist at Copperfield's Books, which has nine stores in Northern California.
Author Mac Barnett and illustrator Shawn Harris encouraged followers of the Mac's Book Club Show and fans of their animated cartoon, The First Cat in Space Ate Pizza, to pre-order signed copies of their first book together, A Polar Bear in the Snow (Candlewick), from Copperfield's. The store sold more than 800 copies--400 in the first 24 hours--to readers in 48 states and six continents. The duo did a socially distanced signing at Copperfield's in Petaluma, drawing a polar bear in every book. 

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